Crownwell is a leading manufacturer of industrial air compressors, air treatment equipment and air compressor spare parts. Our catalog of products is a comprehensive collection of compressed air equipment designed for thousands of applications for oil, textile, food and marine industries. Our primary product lines consist of reciprocating compressors, medium pressure PET compressors, oil-injected screw air compressors, oil free screw compressors, diesel portable compressors, electric driven portable compressors, vane compressors, centrifugal compressors, gas compressors and CNG compressors. We offer installation and commissioning services along with our 5 year equipment guarantee and low cost spare parts.
In addition to our manufacturing of air compressors, we also supply customers with Atlas Copco compressors to diversify our offerings. Atlas Copco is a renowned producer of air compressor units and we have a deal with them to distribute their reciprocating air compressors, oil-injected screw air compressors, refrigerant air dryers and many other high quality products, including spare parts.
We have an agreement with Ingersoll Rand to distribute their compressors worldwide while offering after-market services as well. Our inventory of Ingersoll Rand products includes portable air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, air filters and spare parts. Ingersoll Rand is a trustworthy manufacturer of fine products and they have placed their trust in us, as should you.

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